"An interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve"  Mies Van Der Rohe

As a teenager I developed a love for photography and in the late 1960s had my first exhibits at the Floating Foundation of Photography and the Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York City.  After a long hiatus, I rekindled my passion for the art and in more recent years have participated in more than twenty juried exhibits, galleries and museums in Westchester and New York City.  Please see below.

In my work, no attempt is made to depict an object as it naturally appears.  The goal is to create a new object that did not exist before.  The photograph itself becomes the object without regard to the subject matter.

With this in mind, I utilize the unique characteristics of the medium to portray commonplace objects and show the viewer an alternative representation of the object.  Often an attempt is made to show an overlooked or underlying aesthetic that exists in the mundane, be it a light bulb or a doorknob or some other simple thing.  At times this results in a momentary surprise, leaving the viewer to question what the object is or how its image was produced. 

Soho Photo Gallery - New York, NY
Carrie Haddad Photographs - Hudson, NY
Van Brunt Gallery - Beacon, NY
Gallery Yellow - Cross River, NY
Soho Photo Gallery - New York, NY

Date        Venue                                        
1970        Bronx Museum of the Arts    John Szarkowski curator     
1998        Lyndhurst National Trust      
1999        Nexus Gallery                       Robin Rice curator
2000        Grass Roots 2000                Tricia Wright curator
2000        Candice Perich Gallery         Peter MacGill curator
2000        Lyndhurst National Trust     
2004        Westchester Biennial          
2005        Anderson Chase Gallery      
2008        Westerchester Biennial        
2010        Westchester Bienial             
2010        Photowork '10 (Award)       Nat Trotman Guggenheim Museum of Art
2012        Westchester Biennial
2014        Westchester Biennial
2014        Woodstock Artist's Museum

1971                Floating Foundation of Photography - New York, NY
2001                Solo Show - Mamaroneck Artist Guild
2003                Solo Show - Eric R. Smith Gallery, Harrison, NY (Juried)
2000 - 2009     Upstream Gallery (Juried) - Dobbs Ferry, NY
2004 - 2008     Flatiron Gallery - Peekskill, NY
2004 - 2005     GR Art Gallery - Mamaroneck, NY
2004 - 2008     Armonk Outdoor Art Show (Juried) (2006, 2007 award winner)
2005                Imaging Arts - Tappan, NY
2005 - 2009     Gallery Yellow - Cross River, NY
2006                New York Museum of Water - New York, NY
2010 - 2016     Soho Photo Gallery - numerous solo shows
Arnold Kastenbaum
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