Print Information
I believe that for a work to be successful it must impart my vision which is only possible through a mastery of the craft.  I use only traditional film and archival gelatin silver materials, and personally print all images to exacting technical standards.  This allows for tremendous interpretation of the negative and gives me the opportunity to coax the desired vision from every image individually. While similar, each print shows subtle variations and becomes a unique work.  These silver prints express a tonal range and depth which cannot be conveyed fully on the digital screen.  The images seen on this site are unavoidable compromises; reduced versions, pictures of pictures meant only to suggest the beauty of the actual works. 

Each image is a produced as a gelatin silver print on double weight fiber based paper ranging from 8" x 10" to 16" x 20".  Image sizes vary.  Prints are numbered and signed on the verso and matted with four ply archival museum board with similar backing. 

The formats and cameras used vary but most often is a medium format Mamiya 7II.  Other cameras used include a Leica M6 - 35mm and Wisner - 4x5.

Arnold Kastenbaum
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